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Backup Generators

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A permanently installed home backup generator protects your home automatically. Delivering power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items.

The Next Generation of Backup Generators

With California continually shutting down more power lines in an attempt to prevent natural disasters, you don’t even have to be in a fire area to have your power cut off these days. While this might make you feel like you are at the mercy of the power companies, the good news is, you don’t have to be. A properly installed home backup generator senses a power outage, turns on automatically, and delivers backup power to your home. It will run until utility power returns – whether that’s in two hours or two weeks.

Control Your Power. Control Your Life.

Automatic Operation – Don’t worry about having to be there to start and turn off your home backup generator because it does that automatically–whether you’re home or away.

Power Directly to Your Home – You’ll never have to run an extension cord through a window or door again. Your home backup generator safely delivers power right to your home’s electrical panel.

Refueling Not Necessary – Your home backup generator runs on your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. Save the gas cans for your other outdoor power equipment.

Save 20% on your energy bill!

Monitor and manage home energy usage, leading to a reduction in electric utility bill of up to 20%.

What Size Generator Do I Need?

Contrary to what you might think, the size of your generator is determined by your power needs — not by the square footage of your home. One of our experienced team members will take all the guesswork out of the decision by recommending the generator that’s right for you. Expect us to:

  • Complete a thorough inspection of the existing electrical service, existing gas load and the gas meter size on the outside of the home.
  • Discuss your needs in the event of a power outage
  • Provide you with a detailed estimate for a turn-key installation

Let’s brainstorm ways to help you
before your next forced power outage.