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New Electrical Construction

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We will work with you to develop a detailed and outlined plan for any electrical services for all of your new construction projects.

New Construction Electrical Services

If you’re in the process of building a new home or office, or if you’re thinking about renovating an older industrial structure, you’ll need new or updated electrical construction services. Our team of professional electricians are here to provide you with expert electrical services for any new construction project.

Generally, new electrical construction can include outlets, lighting, heaters, solar, air-conditioning, home automation systems, and much more. Basically, any fixed appliance that requires electricity, as well as any electrical outlets, will have the necessary electrical wiring installed during new construction. Our electricians run cables and wires to any and all switches, outlets, appliances and lighting fixtures.

Signs You Need To Update Your Lighting

Electrical bills are sky high – Old and inefficient lighting networks will require more electricity to function than newer up-to-date lighting installations.

You’re not taking advantage of LED lights – On the topic of energy efficiency, LED lights are the cream of the crop as far as brightest lights for the least amount of energy.

Buzzing – If you’re hearing any buzzing sounds coming from your lights, then consult our lighting installation specialists because your lights should be silent.

Flickering lights – Flickering lights could be a symptom of lighting that needs to be replaced, or it could be an electrical panel that needs an upgrade. When your electrical network is spread thin, your lights are usually the first to go.

Fiat Lux. Let There Be Light.

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We’re Licensed, Insured, And Guarantee Our Work!

If you’re building a new home or building in the Central Valley area, it’s important to ensure that wiring and all connected electrical components are installed properly, the first time. Our team of licensed and insured electricians are standing by ready to work on your new home project to make sure that your home is safe and efficient.

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